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About my workshops

These workshops combine learning photography with exploring the wildlife and landscapes of Yellowstone National Park. Because our group is limited to only three photographers, instruction can be tailored to each individual. Depending on your skill level and preference, we can work on anything from basic settings to advanced techniques and the artistic side of outdoor photography. 

You will learn how to find the best locations for wildlife, which is great if you want to spend a few extra days on your own. We will focus on getting more than just “proof” shots (quick snapshots). You will learn how to take more meaningful images with great light, non-distracting backgrounds, and other elements that improve your photographs.


By no means are these workshops meant for professionals only. In fact most people that join me are at the beginner to intermediate level. There is minimal physical activity involved. Over the course of a day we may walk 2-3 miles at the most, on easy surfaces. I have led people anywhere from age 40 to 80 with no issues, even in the heart of winter. 

Trent Sizemore Photography is authorized by the National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior, to conduct services in Yellowstone National Park. I am also up to date on CPR and first aid certification.

I spend a lot of my personal time inside the park as well, so I will be taking you to some of my personal favorite spots for wildlife watching. People who have visited Yellowstone many times before are often surprised when I can take them somewhere they've never seen.


We will not photograph wildlife if it’s unsafe to do so, or if the animal starts showing signs of stress. The welfare of the animal should come before getting the best shots. Although most wildlife will be near the road, we won’t be able to photograph them unless we find a safe place to park. Park rules must be followed by everyone, especially guides. 

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Testimonial, Tia G.

"Trent's workshop worked out perfectly for me, particularly because he took the time to understand my level of photography (or lack thereof), and guided me accordingly. Although wildlife sighting is entirely on luck, I'm pretty sure my stellar sightings at Yellowstone would not have been possible without Trent's knowledge of wildlife and terrain - just to put that in perspective, we saw a pair of grizzly bears and a black bear just on my first day! 
Trent suggested certain effects through the low grass on the bank, where we were observing a female elk and her calf, and it was both fun and challenging to try it out then and there. He was also patient and encouraging, when I was switching out my lenses. Most of all, I appreciated that Trent respects wildlife, and he ensures that we conduct ourselves in a way that we do not disturb the animals, for the sake of sighting or photography (unlike some other tourists we saw out there). All in all, if you're going into Yellowstone for wildlife, Trent's workshop is a must (and I can't wait to do it all over in a different season)!"

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